Q: Where and how can I get a ticket?
A: Book your tickets via the button Get tickets above or via www.tallinksilja.com. Look under “Prices” to get the exact price and private ways to finance the trip.

Q: What date is the cruise?
A: September 6th, 2013

Q: When do we departe and when do we arrive?
A: September 6th, 17.00 (CET) – September 8th, 10.30 (CET).

Q: Is there any age restrictions?
A: Age restriction is 20 years. All under 20’s must be accompanied by an adult over the age of 20.

Q: How can I get aboard as cheap as possible?
A: Book a four bed cabin under the C-category. If you travel alone or need some extra passangers in your cabin advertise on The MelloBoat Facebook Page or other social media connected to the MelloBoat.

Q: When does the first band start?
A: Live music at the Panorama Bar starts at 18.00 CET and 19.00 CET at the Dancing Palace (main stage).

Q: Where do I find the stage schedules?
A: Click here to get the schedule.

Q: Can I go aboard with my car, if not, where can I park the car?
A: No cars aboard, and the harbour has extremly limitation of parking lots. Try to park your car in an other area of Stockholm, and take the bus or taxi to the harbour.

Q: Are there any MelloBoat souvenirs available?
A: There are T-shirts, books, DVDs, records for sale at the Conference Hall.

Q: How do I get to the ship?
1. By taxi
2. Bus 76 from Slussen or Kungsträdgården (See our detailed map)
3. By Subway. Take the Ropsten Red line direction, get off on station Gärdet and take a 15 minute walk or take a two minute drive with taxi.

Green Dot: Slussen, Red Dot: MelloBoat (Frihamnen)