Devin Townsend + Morgan Ågren

BADGE on Melloboat 2013!!!

It is a great honour to have BADGE onboard MELLOBOAT 2013.
Badge is a power trio in its purest form featuring Gustaf Hielm, Fredrik Haake and Matti Norlin.

New Stage – The Open Stage

We’re happy to announce that there’ll be a fourth stage onboard the Melloboat 2013. We’ve decided to call it OPEN STAGE. The stage includes PA-system, various amplifiers, drum kit and a sound engineer. The Open Stage has a capaticity of 400 spectators.

Feel free to contact us if you’re an artist or have a band that wants to particiate on the Melloboat 2013. We can offer you a spot on Friday or Saturday and free tabels in the Convention Hall for promoting yourself during the entire Melloboat journey.

We’ve already two confirmed bands on the Open Stage:

Father & Son
Includes two fathers and two sons. The band are musicaly influenced by bands like Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and Black Sabbath with fucked up lyrics about the world we live in.

Includes Daniel Dellamorte and the Hildman Brothers. Turabus existed during the glory 1980′s and were mainly a LIFE cover band. Palle Sundlin from the band LIFE has already confirmed that he will perform together with Turabus during the Melloboat 2013. Plans to invite Axel Einarsson from the band ICECROSS are on the schedule.

Swedish radio advertising – Listen here

New Melloboat flyer – Opeth Edition